Thank you to Year 5

What a week! A big thanks for our assembly which certainly brought the evacuation of British children to life. Alex K we loved the George Formby strumming on the ukulele whilst Alex S delivered his information in many accents! The pyjama party was a great end to the week…keep up the good behaviour. Please share your thoughts on the week!

Mrs Johnston

4 thoughts on “Thank you to Year 5

  1. I loved our assembly it was fantastic.
    I liked alex when he was acting out george formby,
    with the mini gutair.
    also I peticulily liked the bit about evacuies

  2. The pyjama party sounds great! Unfortunately,I didn’t get to experience it or the assembly though 🙂

  3. From Anita and Dea, Although Alex wasen’t actually strumming we still liked the moves and the pyjama party was very good.
    We wonder what will be nextas our treat?

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