Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir, The Blitz & Temples

If you wander into Year 5’s classroom right now you will notice a blackout and temple! This morning we really began to appreciate what it must have been like to be in London on the 29th December 1940, whilst this afternoon a temple and lotus flowers were created. Why?Please do comment on what you learnt and what spoke to you most.

Monday was definitely a day to remember as we sang, danced and drummed away an hour and a half with the choir. It was brilliant and I was so impressed with our creative class as they performed all three so fantastically! The concert after school was pretty impressive too!

This coming Tuesday is World Food Day. If you know Y5 would love a meal that your family enjoy and could share some aspect of the meal with us, then please get in touch on Monday!Building up the beat...

4 thoughts on “Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir, The Blitz & Temples

  1. We were creating a tumbe.
    Igor and Josh were fixing a tim mashine.
    We are one step away from fixing it.

  2. Yeah ! The black out was scary on Friday we were learing about buddhims (the hardest !) and i said to Mr.moore what is that for and Mr.moor was like It is a shrine (where dead bodies go there ) put i thought it was a temple it look great dont it ? and as Buddhism think Life is reborn when the flower dosen’t have water or sun it starts to get brown and all these horrible colors they think if life can be reborn why can’t flower that’s why Mr.moore thought of putting lotus flowers with a buddhism with his legs crossed and arms in a circle for Peace .

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