Rachel B’s 100 word challenge week 24

Carefully I picked up a spider and pushed it out of the window then I pushed fifty more out. After that my hands hurt with having to put all these spiders out of the window and having to shut the window after pushing all of the spiders out. I went to bed and guess what I found in my bed I found all fifty spiders in my bed I shrieked and leaped out of bed.

The spiders looked at me as if to say ”oy  let me sleep in your now bed now please because  there is no were else to sleep”

Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “Rachel B’s 100 word challenge week 24

  1. I have to say that I would not be keen AT ALL, to have 50 spiders near me!

    You seem as though you are sympathetic towards the end of this though….were you?

  2. I would really not be keen at all, to have 50 spiders anywhere near me!
    Did you feel sympathy for the spiders, at the end?

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